Free Fire 100% Bonus guide: Get double Diamonds in November 2023

The Free Fire 100% Bonus Top-Up event is back, offering up to 2,000 Diamonds with specific purchase requirements. Learn how to maximize this limited-time offer and double your in-game currency.

This limited-time event, which started on November 11, 2023, will only be available until November 17, 2023. If you’re eager to bolster your in-game currency, here’s everything you need to know about this exciting event.

Free Fire 100% Bonus Top-Up Event 

The Free Fire 100% Bonus Top-Up event functions like any other in-game top-up event but with a twist. Instead of the usual cosmetic rewards, this event rewards players with Diamonds, the in-game currency essential for various in-game purchases.

100% Bonus Top-Up Event Requirements

The new Free Fire 100% Bonus Top-Up event includes specific purchase requirements and bonuses. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know:

  • Purchase 100 Diamonds: Get an additional 100 Diamonds for free
  • Purchase 300 Diamonds: Receive an extra 200 Diamonds for free
  • Purchase 500 Diamonds: Obtain an additional 200 Diamonds for free
  • Purchase 1,000 Diamonds: Get a bonus of 500 Diamonds for free
  • Purchase 2,000 Diamonds: Receive an extra 1,000 Diamonds for free

Price of Diamonds

To fulfil the requirements and reap the event’s rewards, you can purchase any of the following packs:

  • 100 Diamonds for INR 80
  • 310 Diamonds for INR 240
  • 520 Diamonds for INR 400
  • 1,060 Diamonds for INR 800
  • 2,180 Diamonds for INR 1,600
  • 5,600 Diamonds for INR 4,000

By purchasing the 2,180 Diamonds pack for INR 1,600, you can meet all the event’s requirements and receive a total of 4,180 Diamonds, maximizing the value of this exclusive offer.

Steps to Participate in Free Fire 100% Bonus Top-Up to Receive Double Diamonds

To take advantage of this event and double your Diamonds, follow these simple steps:

  1. Access your account and open the in-game top-up center.
  2. Purchase the required quantity of Diamonds to meet the threshold.
  3. Once the transaction is complete, you will become eligible for double Diamonds.
  4. Access the event section and select the 100% Bonus Top-Up option from the menu.
  5. Claim your bonus by pressing the claim button on the right side.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate in the Free Fire 100% Bonus Top-Up event. If you plan on purchasing Diamonds shortly, now is the perfect time to do so, as you’ll receive twice the number of Diamonds compared to standard purchases.

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